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Fancy Dress

Step into a fairytale, sail the high seas, cast a spooky spell, dance the night away 60's style, shimmy and sway in burlesque wear or recreate a famous TV personality.

Whatever your dress up fantasy is we can ensure that you have a wonderful time in our fancy dress costumes for women and men. We also offer an exciting range of plus size fancy dress outfits. Don't miss out on the chance to be the life of the party wearing one of our deluxe party costumes. 


Yummy Bee Black Lace Ruffle Knickers
Ruffle Frilly Knickers
From £ 9.99 GBP
French Maid Fancy Dress Costume Plus Size 8-28
French Maid Costume
From £ 25.99 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Coloured Satin Corset & Tutu
Black Real Feather Angel Wings
Save 7%
Large Angel Wings - Real Feathers
£ 12.99 GBP £ 13.97 GBP
Red and Black Ribbon Trim Frilled Skirt
Ribbon Trim Frilled Skirt
From £ 11.97 GBP
Women's Blue Oktoberfest + White Socks Bavarian Beer Wench Costume
Tutu Skirts
From £ 9.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Coloured Satin Corset
Satin Corset & Thong
From £ 15.97 GBP
Ladies Adult Heartbreaker Queen Costume + Gloves
Ladies Plus Size Black Burlesque Corset & Short Ribbon Skirt
Women's Black Satin Corset & Long Skirt
Ladies Adult Black High Seas Pirate Costume
Blue & White 1970's Ladies Groovy Hippy Costume
Groovy Hippy Costume
From £ 22.97 GBP
Ladies White Santa Sexy Christmas Costume
Save 27%
Sexy Mrs Claus Outfit
From £ 21.99 GBP £ 29.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Coloured Satin Corset & Skirt
Plus Size Naughty Nurse Costume + Stethoscope
Naughty Nurse Outfit
From £ 23.99 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Lace Skirt
Black Lace Skirt
From £ 12.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Rhinestone Corset & Long Ribbon Skirt
Save 23%
Sparkle Corset & Long Ribbon Skirt
From £ 22.97 GBP £ 29.97 GBP
Red Ribbon Trimmed Long Burlesque Skirt
Ribbon Trimmed Long Skirt
From £ 12.97 GBP
Save 43%
Deluxe Tutu Skirts
£ 7.99 GBP £ 13.99 GBP
Ladies Miss Honey Bumblebee Costume
Queen Bee Costume
From £ 25.97 GBP
Red and Black Oktoberfest Costume For Women Beer Wench German Dirndl
Alice In Wonderland Corset Fairytale Fancy Dress Women
Save 50%
Alice in Wonderland Corset Top
£ 9.99 GBP £ 19.99 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Little Red Riding Hood Costume
Yummy Bee Ladies Plus Size Sexy Bunny Costume + Free Fishnet Tights
Sexy Bunny Girl Costume
From £ 22.97 GBP
Ladies Black Plus Size Sparkle Burlesque Corset & Thong
Save 20%
Sparkle Burlesque Corset & Thong
From £ 15.97 GBP £ 19.97 GBP
Save 50%
Gunslinger Cowboy Costume
£ 19.99 GBP £ 39.99 GBP
Ladies Black Ruffle Ra-Ra Skirt
Ruffle Ra-Ra Skirt
From £ 11.97 GBP
Yummy Bee Multicolour Rainbow Real Feather Wings
Save 16%
Large Multi Colour Real Feather Wings
£ 15.99 GBP £ 18.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Naughty Bedroom Maid
Naughty Maid Costume
From £ 22.99 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Red Gemstone Bustier & Lace Skirt
Save 23%
Gemstone Bustier & Lace Skirt
From £ 22.97 GBP £ 29.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Showgirl Corset & Tutu Costume
Save 27%
Showgirl Corset & Tutu Costume
From £ 21.97 GBP £ 29.97 GBP
Adult Hippy 1960's Costume
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