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Discover our range of deluxe fancy dress plus size corsets and dance skirts. Create the ultimate hour glass curves and bring a little burlesque glamour to your dressing up. Choose from a range of vibrant colours and styles with lace, satin and bows. Featuring boning front and back with strong adjustable laces, our corsets are designed to make you look and feel your absolute best. Pair with a sexy, ruffled tutu skirt, with jeans for a truly unique date night look or with stockings and heels for an unforgettable night of bedroom delights.


Yummy Bee Black Lace Ruffle Knickers
Ruffle Frilly Knickers
From £ 9.99 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Coloured Satin Corset & Tutu
Red and Black Ribbon Trim Frilled Skirt
Ribbon Trim Frilled Skirt
From £ 11.97 GBP
Tutu Skirts
From £ 9.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Coloured Satin Corset
Satin Corset & Thong
From £ 15.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Burlesque Corset & Short Ribbon Skirt
Women's Black Satin Corset & Long Skirt
Ladies Plus Size Coloured Satin Corset & Skirt
Ladies Plus Size Black Lace Skirt
Black Lace Skirt
From £ 12.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Rhinestone Corset & Long Ribbon Skirt
Save 23%
Sparkle Corset & Long Ribbon Skirt
From £ 22.97 GBP £ 29.97 GBP
Red Ribbon Trimmed Long Burlesque Skirt
Ribbon Trimmed Long Skirt
From £ 12.97 GBP
Save 43%
Deluxe Tutu Skirts
£ 7.99 GBP £ 13.99 GBP
Ladies Black Plus Size Sparkle Burlesque Corset & Thong
Save 20%
Sparkle Burlesque Corset & Thong
From £ 15.97 GBP £ 19.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Red Gemstone Bustier & Lace Skirt
Save 23%
Gemstone Bustier & Lace Skirt
From £ 22.97 GBP £ 29.97 GBP
Ladies Black Ruffle Ra-Ra Skirt
Ruffle Ra-Ra Skirt
From £ 11.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Black Showgirl Corset & Tutu Costume
Save 27%
Showgirl Corset & Tutu Costume
From £ 21.97 GBP £ 29.97 GBP
Ladies Plus Size Purple Burlesque Saloon Girl Costume
Save 13%
Burlesque Saloon Girl Costume
From £ 25.97 GBP £ 29.97 GBP
Women's Wizard of Oz Dorothy Blue Gingham White Lace Bustle Tutu Skirt
Save 50%
Blue and White Gingham Bustle Skirt
£ 8.99 GBP £ 17.99 GBP
Mad Hatter Multilayer Sparkle Bustle Tutu Skirt
Save 44%
Multicoloured Bustle Tutu Skirt
£ 8.99 GBP £ 15.99 GBP
Ladies Red Plus Size Sexy Moulin Rouge Costume
Save 23%
Sexy Moulin Rouge Costume
From £ 22.97 GBP £ 29.97 GBP